What does it mean to customize a car

What does it mean to customize a car?

What is a customized car?

A customized car can be an extension of the owner’s personality.

The answer to that lies in the owner’s wish to alter the appearance, stance, style and attitude of the vehicle. They want to have their car stand out from the rest and be noticed as an outstanding vehicle. It may share a similar body line to others but has subtle changes.  It can be as little as replacing the wheels with an eye-catching set of mags and low profile tyres or adding tint to windows. It could even mean full body modifications that present the vehicle as a completely different car or a new model of vehicle entirely.

Forming panels and shaping metal is a specialty of our workshop.  We take care and spend the time required to massage the shapes required for individual panels with our specialized equipment.

Our experience comes from working on high end vehicles like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porche, Maserati, BMW and Audi to name a few.  Working on these vehicles requires specialized knowledge. We extend our enjoyment of working on these cars to treat every vehicle with the same care.

Customized vehicles can also be referred to as:

Hi-Boy            Low Rider     Gasser           Hot Rod         Rice Muncher            Coupe Muscle Car  Deuce            Vicky              Funny Car     Woody Wagon           Rat Rod T-Bucket    Drag Car        Sprinter         Rail                 Lead Sled                  Roadster

Maybe you have visited a car show? Have you read about customized vehicles? Have you heard or read what seems like a foreign language? Here are some terms and their meanings to help you in the world of customization:

Bagged Air bag suspension that allows the vehicle to be raised or lowered at the touch of a button.
Banger Usually referring to a smaller motor (4 banger)
Big Block Large capacity motor – 7 litres (7440cc) or more in capacity.
Blown Motor Belt driven compressor – usually sitting on top of motor.
Channeled Body is recessed at floor level and it sits down over the chassis rails. Maintains the original suspension height and ride comfort.
Donk Cars motor 4/6/8 cylinder.
Frenched Recessed part into the cars body-headlights, door handles, aerial, rear lights.
Hopper stopper Multi piston disc brake system for high performance vehicle
Lake Pipes Exhaust pipes fixed to outside underside of vehicle
Quick change A differential that that can have gearing altered quickly.
Rag Top Material roof cover
Sectioning Removing a section of body to give it a more compressed appearance which is visually lower and sleeker than the original body style.
Shot gun scoop Air intake scoop with butterfly plate on top of motor
Slammed A car sitting on the ground when it is parked
Snorkel Air intakes pipes for fuel injection or carburetor
Stacks Exhaust system – usually chrome pipes extending up the rear of the cab.
Stretched Extended chassis, body, guards or bonnet


We hope this helps dispel some of the mystery around the language of customization!