Very approachable and professional to deal with. Their workmanship is excellent. We explained what we wanted done and Geoff interpreted what we were asking for. A big plus for communication and a job delivered to perfection. My son’s face lit up when he saw the Dragster finished.

It was great to see and the crew at Full Blown Kustoms could not have done a better job.


Mick W

Alice Springs


About 3 years ago I approached Full Blown Customs to get my HJ Monaro to showroom condition.

I am very hands on but required some specialist work to be done.  This involved some touch up paint and mechanical work to be carried out.

Over a couple of weeks of discussing with Geoff, the proprietor, what I wanted to do with the car to finish it, we established a course of action and how to achieve it.  He provided me with a quote to have this completed.  With his guidance I worked on the vehicle at home to get it ready for the work that was to be carried out in his workshop. This helped with the costs as I could not afford a full respray.

Geoff has an eye for detail and checked all areas of the vehicle to ensure it was safe and road worthy. After a thorough inspection of my vehicle, Geoff identified areas of the body work and paint that need to be looked at and found the steering arms were bent. He explained to me the importance of replacing these parts as they are a precision pressed steel item and are not repairable.  Geoff removed them and asked me to supply a new set.  For further safety, he fabricated and welded a tail loop in place for drag racing.  To replace the steering arms, we made the decision to have the front clip removed and pulled out the engine and gearbox to tidy them up.  This provided access to the firewall to remove the heater assembly and cover up all unnecessary openings.

The bonnet latch area was repaired by fabricating metal to strengthen the bonnet.   More work was done on the inner guards; filling holes and painting both them and the engine bay green to complement the car.  The front clip section, including suspension, inner and outer guards and bonnet were reassembled onto the newly painted black chassis.

With his experience and creativity, Geoff changed the bonnet hinges from springs to gas struts which work far better than the original.   After the assembly had been completed and checked for alignment, we removed the bonnet and a 2” reverse cowl was installed in the centre of it to provide clearance for the air cleaner.  Upon finishing the fabrication and painting, refitting was then a simple process and everything lined up perfectly.

For people who want to work on their dream car project, see a panel beater and painter first before you purchase a car.  This will save you time and money in the long run. Have a clear budget of costs so that you enjoy the experience.

Overall, I could not be happier with the result.  Clear communication about my requirements, progress reports of work completed and working to a budget was of great benefit to me to now have a motor vehicle that I am proud of.

Thanks to the professional team at Full Blown Kustoms, you did a great job, well done.

Steve T

Alice Springs


Lucky to have stumbled upon Full Blown Kustoms.

They helped me out immensely with a broken shock mount

and changing all the bearings on my Suzuki 1400 side car.

Great blokes and I highly recommend them.


Craig M

Western Australia


I purchased a Chevrolet Silverado five years ago that had a straight but tired body and the mechanicals were in good running order.  I had the team at Full Blown Kustoms repaint the bonnet and give the rest of the cab a complete buff. I have since had them assist me with headlight restoration and some finer points of detailing. The Chev now looks like a new vehicle and I am very pleased with the outcome. Thanks for all your efforts.

Michael M

Alice Springs


30 years ago I purchased a 1972 Jag saloon that had a 4.2 litre engine in it. I drove it for a few years before having the motor replaced with a 350/350 Chev combination.  In 2016 it was time to have the car repainted and I chose Geoff at Full Blown Kustoms to do the job.

He performed a bare metal respray and I couldn’t be happier with the work he carried out.


In 2018 it was time to have some more work done and I approached Geoff again to perform the mechanical work I required.  I had the motor replaced with a crate motor, an air conditioning system installed, and had the team at Full Blown Kustoms make custom fitting extractors and an exhaust system to suit the vehicle.  The engine bay was painted and tided up as well.


Since then they have done small things for me as well, door locks, bonnet pins and soon some new shocks.  We have now had a long partnership in car care as Geoff supplies good service and workmanship.  He understands limits and knows what is to do what is not required. I have been pleased with all aspects of the work received from Full Blown Kustoms and will continue to return if anything needs to be done.


Peter H

Alice Springs