Q. How long will it take to re-spray my car?

A. If you want a simple re-spray for selling your vehicle this could be done in under three weeks.

A full bare metal re-spray can take up to three months.

In both instances when a car is prepared for a re-spray, there are often things found when a vehicle is rubbed back in the preparation stage. For example, if surface rust is found it could extend right through the panel and require sections of a panel to be repaired or replaced.

Humid or wet weather can also impact how a job progresses.

In both these circumstances when we perform re-sprays, our business reputation is on the line. At Full Blow Kustoms, we take pride in our work and will always ensure that our professional standards are maintained.


Q. What type of paint will be used?

A. Over the years paint quality has varied greatly. With technology advancing all the time, here at Full Blown Kustoms, we strive to use the best quality paint products available. Our full colour match paint system is the Australian made and owned Concept Paints two-pack paint.


Q. Do I have to source parts?

A. This is an area that we discuss with each customer. There are so many aftermarket products available, that it is easy to source parts that could be half the cost of the original. Frequently, aftermarket or non-genuine parts don’t have the same quality control when being manufactured. These may not fit or work as well as they should and occasionally, not at all.  It should be noted that any cost saving can then be magnified excessively because of returns, reordering and down time while waiting for parts to complete repairs.

When building a customized vehicle often customers supply specialist parts.  These parts are specifically designed to fit their build requirements or manufactured specifically and not available from local parts suppliers.


Q. What happens if once the work starts on my car, some issues are found that need fixing?

A. All work carried out is discussed with the customer. Our quotations reflect an indicative price that could vary if damage is found that is not apparent at the time of initial inspection. We have had rare instances where work has started and after strip down, additional work and/or parts will be required to ensure the vehicle is both safe and roadworthy when it is completed.  If this occurs, Full Blown Kustoms will ring the customer to discuss the situation. Only after this, will work proceed.


Q. Can they match my paint?

A. Colour matching is one of our specialties. Full Blown Kustoms uses an Australian made product called “Concept Paints”.  This is a two-pack paint system that allows us to do precision colour matching to the original manufacturer’s specifications.  Our aim is to complete a paint job so that you, our customer, cannot tell the difference between old and new paint.


Q. Do I have to have the whole car re- sprayed or just the panel that was fixed?

A. When a customer has individual panel damage, Full Blown Kustoms addresses only the work that is required. For instance, if the bonnet or a single panel is the only part that needs attention then that will be repaired and painted as required. No other panels will be painted unless requested.


Q. Can I get custom paint work done?

A. That is our specialty and here at Full Blown Kustoms we really do enjoy doing paint work that involves special techniques and is an expression of our creative ability! We specialize in two-pack paint straight colours, metallic paint finishes and colour matching. Our special process ensures the finished job achieves a deep mirror finish.

A full custom paint job involves hours and hours of extensive preparation, molding, shaping, rubbing and buffing to achieve an excellent presentation.  At Full Blown Kustoms, we take great pride in ensuring that our custom paint work is second to none.


Q. Can Full Blown Kustoms do sign-writing on my car?

A. At Full Blown Kustoms we can handle sign-writing, logos, decals, graphic art, ghosting paint application and pin striping. Come in to discuss your vision.


Q. Do you sand blast vehicles during preparation and why?

A. This process really depends on the work that is required. If you have a vehicle that has some minor panel damage or some surface rust, then sand blasting may not be required. A careful inspection will usually give an indication as to the work that will be required.  If you are after a full restoration or a full bare metal re-spray, then it is advisable to have this process carried out. It will establish exactly the extent of the work that needs to be carried out so that your vehicle will be finished to Concourse condition!


Q. Why can’t you do work as cheaply and quickly like they do on TV even with Ad breaks?

A. A TV advertisement sometimes shows a ‘quick fix and forget it job’ to sell products to unsuspecting customers. It may be that the work has been carried out over considerable time by many people and then edited to create a compact one-hour show. If things were that easy there would be no need for panel beaters or spray painters! Our business is based on service delivery of a quality finished product that Full Blown Kustoms is proud of. This could take a few days to a few months. It is dependent on the work required and the processes that have to be used for the individual job.